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Crimping Machines


Dual-end Crimp / Dual-end Seal Insertion and Crimp

Fully Automatic Crimping Machines


    Carrying 4-ton Servo Press for big wire (2mm2~5mm2).
    8 mm2 also available with other attachment.

    • 2-wire selector and Manual APL changer for easy changeover   (Option)
    • Connectable to personal computer
    • Chopper for defective products (Option)
    Applications For Consumer Appliances, For Automotive
    Wire Size AWG #14~ #10


    Model JN03SD-(WP)-FM10
    Functions Wire cutting (Closed loop) , Dual-end strip, Strip depth, Dual-end half strip, Crimp (Sink unit), Crimp positioning ,
    Crimp height, Dual-end seal insertion, Jogging
    Capacity Dual-end crimp 1.05sec/pc. (Length 70mm 3,420pcs/hr.)
    Seal insertion crimp 1.50sec/pc. (Length 70mm 2,400pcs/hr.)
    Wire size 2.0~5.0mm2 (AVSS equivalent AWG#14~10) Wire outer diameter φ5.0mm or less
    Wire cutting length 70~20,000mm ( 0.1mm increment) ※Min. length changes according to processing conditions
    Wire cutting accuracy Less than 100mm 0.5mm+(Wire length×0.002), More than 100mm 1.0mm+(Wire length×0.002)
    Strip length 0~16.0mm ※The capacity changes according to the working conditions.
    Strip depth Max. adjustment 3mm (300 step:1 step:0.01mm)
    Crimp capacity 39.2KN (4.0TON equivalent) Servo press(SBM400)×2 units Press stroke 30/35/40 mm setting possible .
    Aplicator AS40, AS42, AS30 ※ AS80 Call sales rep
    Detectors Wire presence , Wire overload, Strip error for laser type(LMC01) ,Terminal presence, Terminal overload,
    Crimp error (CFM-MX20), Seal insertion error ( Optical fiber sensor) , Low air pressure
    Power source 3-phase AC200V±20V 50/60Hz 30A
    Compressed air 0.5Mpa(5kgf/cm2) approx. 300NL/min (Use clean dry air)
    Dimensions 1,300W × 1,420D × 1,450H approx. 700kg
    Options 2-wire pre-feeder, Side 2: Feed open SW, End-side combination reel stand , Terminal paper winding devaice, Non-cut carrier
    pipe, Signal tower, 2-wire selector: 8sq spec , Wire chopper , Carrier cutter, Seal unit , Safety cover, PC desk, Roller feed

    ※J.A.M reserves the right to change specifications without any prior notice.

    ◆ Proper ground required.